How Birds & Squirrels Damage Roof

Roofing issues can threaten the honesty of your house. In some cases, those issues are the direct outcome of critters that harm the product. In Georgia, 2 of the most typical wrongdoers are squirrels and birds. Given just how regular and various these pets are, it might appear like a challenge to maintain damage to a minimum. However, roofing repair work professionals can constantly supply a service to ensure your home’s safety and security. Right here are three ways that birds and squirrels can harm your roof covering.


In particular, bird droppings are very acidic and can weaken roofing products when discovered in high concentrations. If you notice birds nesting in or around your chimney or somewhere else on your roof covering, call a pest control specialist to remove them before their droppings can trigger any trouble with the shingles.


Squirrels can chew via both asphalt roof shingles and also the beam of lights that use assistance to the comprehensive framework. Before long, they’ll have access to the underlayment and also will not hesitate to make their residence inside your attic room. If your roof covering is currently weak or jeopardized, it won’t take much initiative for a squirrel to tear into the material and also ruin the decking beneath.


When birds and squirrels see your home, they have one usual goal: finding a cozy place. Your attic room is an excellent solution; however, if they can’t access that with your roof, they make a move on an additional comfortable, dark area– the rain gutters. Once they produce nests inside the seamless gutter system, rainwater can not appropriately flow far from your residence after hitting the roof. This can quickly damage your roof and lead to substantial water damages.

Fire and bio hazard risk

 Squirrels, Birds and other little rodents will also chew on the electrical circuitry running through your roof, which is a typical reason for home fires. This puts your household and your prized possessions in damage’s method at any given minute the longer small animals remain in your attic.